GOTCHA/BUG: Cameo Simulation Toolkit v2021xR1 + Mathematica: Delegation to Mathematica from ConstraintBlocks FAILS if any of the input or output parameters are larger than 99999 because they get interpreted as 1.0e5 and that trips something! Aarrrggggh!

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Q: What types of simulation, execution, and calculation are available for SysML with MagicDraw/Cameo?


There are a number of ways of simulating and executing various aspects of Systems Modeling Language (SysML®), and they are not just novelties! They also really help your models become more robust, logical, and organised.

There is "internal" tool simulation of Activities and StateMachines based on fUML (or variations of it).

Mathematica zone

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Mathematica can be used as an external maths engine for SysML Parametrics!