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SysML Training

For information on Webel IT services and training courses in advanced graphical Unified Modeling Language (UML®) and Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) please visit:

NEWS: New detailed Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) tutorial trails with examples of slides from the Webel course: TRAIL: Webel's ultimate guide to Systems Modeling Language with MagicDraw/Cameo

This Webel zone is dedicated to the OMG's Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) extension (dialect) of the Unified Modeling Language (UML®):

Dr Darren of Webel IT Australia is recognised as a leader in graphical software and systems engineering technologies and is actively involved in the specification process for OMG SysML®. He formerly headed technical development of the MagicDraw SysML Plugin for MagicDraw® — now bundled as Cameo Systems Modeler® — and has applied SysML to a wide-range of real-world projects from many domains such as modelling of scientific instruments, building and construction projects, green rating schemes, electronics, and design and patenting of inventions.

Please note that the Webel Best Practice notes for both UML® and SysML® and for the MagicDraw and Cameo tools are combined here.

Visit also the Webel IT tutorial video channel for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML on Vimeo !

NEWS: New full length feature: TRAIL: A SysML Pattern for Digital Twinning
NEWS: New detailed  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe tutorial: TRAIL: Theory and best practices for the Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML v1.x
NEWS: New detailed  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe tutorial: TRAIL: Webel SysML Parsing Analysis example: A particle physics taxonomy from Wikipedia
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