SysML4Mathematica: Example 11 [A] Total (qDotTot), sensible (qDotSen), and latent cooling (qDotLat) required for cooling air: Using CoolProp wrappers and SysML Parametric Diagrams

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At the top we see a SysML Parametric Diagram representing an entry point to networks of equations for the psychrometric properties obtained from low-level CoolProp wrappers for Mathematica and the accurate calculation of the total heat exchange rate 'qDotTot', and approximate methods for calculation of the latent heat rate 'qDotLatApprox' due to water condensation and the sensible heat rate 'qDotSenApprox' for the cooling of a humid air mixture.

The other SysML Parametric Diagrams show the specific calculations, and their usages of functions from the Webel Psy library for Mathematica.

Note that:

In the next slide we see the same calculations modelled via Webel MPsy objects using SysML Activity Diagrams.

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