TRAIL: Theory and best practices for the Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysMLv1.6+

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This tutorial assumes at least some experience with Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®). To learn SysML® please attend our comprehensive course:

This tutorial explains the theory behind the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML®. This trail is a good introduction for the following complementary tutorial trails:

It may help if you've already explored the following section within the main Webel tutorial for SysMLv1.x, although most of the concepts covered there will be covered during this trail anyway (and in more detail):

We'll be referencing "super-relational" Policy Notes for the recipe as we go along, and we'll also be employing some of the more general Webel Best Practice modelling policies. Note especially that:

For this relatively academic trail we'll be analysing first the following famous pangram:

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