[STUB] TRAIL: Webel's ultimate guide to simplified yet adequate pragmatic systems engineering with functional analysis in SysMLv1 for smaller scale MBSE projects in the MagicDraw/Cameo/CATIA Magic tools

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Every heard that you "should" be using at least some classic systems engineering functional analysis and logical breakdown of blackbox vs whitebox and associated logical components (have many names) to describe WHAT your system should do before designing exactly HOW it is done and by which design (or implementation) components, but the full defence frameworks like MoDAF and DODAD, or frameworks like ToGAF or UAF are massive overkill for your projects?

Tried MagicGrid®, learned a lot from it, but found it a bit clunky and inflexible?

Or maybe you already have some SysML modelling of an existing design or implementation and you wish to "retrofit" your SysML model with some improved traceability from stakeholder needs through a simplified operational view with cleaner separation of the problem and solution modelling.

Then this new Webel IT Australia guide is for you! A truly slick minimalist recipe for including at least some classic systems engineering in MagicDraw/Cameo, with concise Webel style naming and Webel Best Practices for SysML modelling.


This is so far mostly just a list of Webel policies and modelling and naming conventions supporting the Webel recipe for pragmatic SE with SysML. Full tutorial coming soon! Many of the linked Note page already have detailed Diagrams and explanations.

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If you want to navigate the entire tutorial including the additional explanatory text, click on the title link of the first slide to view the full slide page, then use the next links to move through the slides pages. If you just want to view the slide images only in sequence, click on any slide to view it larger in a viewer, then click again to move through each slide in the tutorial trail.

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