TRAIL: SysML+SysPhS vs Modelica By Example in MagicDraw SysML (or Cameo Systems Modeler) [tested with the Wolfram SystemsModeler for Modelica]

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This trail shows selected examples from the wonderful Modelica By Example tutorials (a.k.a. Modelica University) by Dr. Michael M. Tiller, reproduced here in Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®) using the SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation (SysPhS) version 1.1. exported to Modelica from the MagicDraw SysML Plugin or Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) v19SP3 tools.

DISCLAIMER: This is intended as a technology assessment trail, not a tutorial trail, but there is a lot you can learn from it if you are working with SysPhS!

The slide pages in this Webel IT Australia trail mostly just show SysML diagram slides together with some target Modelica By Example code, some "matching" Modelica code exported via SysML/SysPhS in MagicDraw/Cameo, Modelica execution plots (where relevant), some SysML/SysPhS modelling tips, and some issue tracking. They do not describe the modelled target Modelica components in detail, however most slides are linked to a corresponding external Modelica By Example page (where the reproduced system is indeed explained in detail).

If you are working through this trail, you will probably want to have the Modelica By Example tutorial page open in a web browser at the same time. This SysML/SysPhS trail works page-by-page through most of the SysPhS-achievable Modelica examples in exactly the same order.

It assumed in this trail that the reader is already familiar with Systems Modeling Language v1 (SysML®). You can learn SysML by attending the Webel training course or by studying our online trail: TRAIL: Webel's ultimate guide to Systems Modeling Language (v1) with MagicDraw/Cameo.

The Modelica reference tool used is Wolfram SystemModeler, which is highly compliant with the primary Modelica language reference.

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