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In 2018, Dassault Systèmes acquired No Magic Inc, the developers of the MagicDraw/Cameo family of software products for Unified Modeling Language (UML®) and Systems Modeling Language (SysML®), which included including: MagicDraw® UML, MagicDraw SysML Plugin, Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®), and Magic Model Analyst® (Cameo Simulation Toolkit®).

As of June 2021 CATIA Magic is the new Dassault 3DExperience name for this product family.

Throughout this Webel IT Australia site the terms 'MagicDraw' and/or 'Cameo' will remain in use for some years to come.
The CATIA No Magic Value Solutions Partner and Reseller for Australia and New Zealand are MEMKO Systems.
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