UML and SysML training seminars and workshops

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Webel IT now offers courses worldwide as live online web seminars, including online tool workshop sessions! On-site courses within Australia may be subject to interstate travel restrictions. On-site courses may also be available internationally by special arrangement.

Dr Darren Kelly of Webel teaches Unified Modeling Language (UML®), Systems Modeling Language (SysML®), and UML-driven Java™ and XML Schema software engineering in seminar courses from presentation slides and directly from the many educational examples on this Webel site and in workshops using fun props in teams to explore UML and SysML elements, diagrams, and engineering Design Patterns. Workshop participants develop models for UML, SysML, Java and XML Schema corresponding to accessible study cases and real-world examples drawn from their own engineering domains.
NEWS: Webel now offers a tool-independent SysML™ Language Introduction course version for the latest SysML1.6 specification version, ideal for a 3-day seminar course. Please enquire here.
NEWS: Webel now offers content specific to the MagicDraw™ SysML and Cameo™ Systems Modeler tools as a separate comprehensive course supplement for inclusion in the full 5-day workshop course. Please enquire here.
Testimonial for: Course: Model-based systems engineering with the OMG's Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) and the SysML Plugin for MagicDraw® and Cameo™:
The course provided immense value to myself and my team, and successfully launched us into using the systems engineering software for a space mission. The presenter’s delivery was professional and friendly, and his knowledge and passion were remarkable.
2019, Dr James Gilbert, Project Engineer | Detector & Electronics Lead, Australian Astronomical Optics - Stromlo, ANU Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Please email or phone Webel IT Australia on +61 405 029 008 to arrange on-site, off-site, or live remote web training seminars and workshops
Worried about falling asleep during long full-day live online web seminars? Split your course over 1/2 day sessions! Just contact us to discuss your needs.
Attendees obtain full access to digital PDF client-only versions of the course slides. All courses come with the option of a complete set of printed, bound, course presentation slides. Access to selected preview slides from the latest high-quality course presentation slides is available on request.
NEWS: New detailed Systems Modeling Language (SysML®) tutorial trails with examples of slides from the Webel course: TRAIL: Webel's ultimate guide to Systems Modeling Language with MagicDraw/Cameo
NEWS: New detailed  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe tutorial: TRAIL: Webel SysML Parsing Analysis example: A particle physics taxonomy from Wikipedia
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