Using Trace to quickly elicit model elements from an identified figure, drawing, diagram, plot, graphic, or table from a domain source document

Sometimes, instead of using text from a domain source document, one wishes to elicit model elements from a figure, drawing, diagram, graphic, or table (which may or may not also contain text and/or engineering values). The SysML Trace relationship can be used to quickly elicit model elements from a Document identifying a non-text source:
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In this trail example the domain source «document» with diagrams was Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 Pinout Diagrams (PDF), which shows pin allocations for In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) headers for the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for ATmega2560 and ATmega16u2 chips on an Arduino Mega2560Rev3 micro controller board. The elements that were elicited from the diagram «document» can be nicely listed in MagicDraw/Cameo using a compartment for Trace::getTracedFrom(in ref).

Unfortunately, there are currently some minor limitations when using Trace in SysML1.6+.

One issue is that only a NamedElement can be a source or target of a Trace, so a Slot can't be traced this way:

That's a concern when Slots are used to hold elicited engineering values, such as the header-pin to chip-pin breakout mappings shown in the example. This matters especially if you want to use Slots to carry Context-Specific Values!

The UML Trace is between any NamedElements. But SysML does not provide for a /tracedTo operation for every element kind:

The next slide shows how.

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