Focus PAD for the Snippet ''an English-language pangram — a sentence that contains all of the letters of the English alphabet'

A Block Definition Diagram (BDD) is used as a focus Parsing Analysis Diagram (PAD) for:
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At least the following Blocks can be immediately elicited from nouns:

- Pangram, English, Language, Sentence, Letter, Alphabet

It seems clear that English is a type of Language. More specifically, it is implied that English is a type of the more abstract AlphabetLanguage, where an Alphabet references one or more Letter (shared aggregation has been used here). A Pangram has at least as many letters as the number of unique letters in theAlphabet it is associated with, and has at least one of each of those letter (this is difficult to express in OCL).

While Generalizations and Associations may be collected as elicited members of a Snippet this can quickly lead to clutter in the /member list display, and has been omitted here.

The analysis has also been supported by an additional Snippet:

In addition to obtaining the multiplicity 26 for the number of letter:Letter with EnglishAlphabet, Partial analysis also yields the following value properties:

- Letter::isUpper:Boolean, Letter::isLower:Boolean

- Alphabet::isLatin[1]:Boolean

- EnglishAlphabet::isLatin[1]:Boolean=true{readonly,redefines isLatin}

A Constraint for isUpper vs isLower could also eventually be included.

The FoxDogPangram is specific to the EnglishAlphabet as a kind of AlphabetLanguage.

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