SysMLv1.x: An ElementGroup used for basic Parsing Analysis model element elicitation: Example 1

This topic is now also covered in more detail in a separate dedicated tutorial trail:
The slide shows a contrived example of using an ElementGroup:
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The criterion is that to be a member a symbol or label of a member element must appear on the same diagram as the ElementGroup. The collected members are: a Block BlockA; a part Property partE and its typing block BlockD; a value Property valueC and its typing ValueType ValueTypeB; and an Activity ActivityF.

For real applications the display of all of this information can become unwieldy. The 'criterion' is basically redundant given that the identical Comment 'body' is shown, and the we can easily live without showing the 'size', and the 'name' is not always so useful:

Which BTW is why: Also: It's worth knowing a bit about the underlying Comment notation: Throughout this section and other tutorial trails this 'anchor' terminology will be used: An 'anchor' can get at nearly anything that appears in nearly any way in a diagram as a symbol, relationship label, end Property label, or compartment row label. But not every kind of candidate member element can appear on every kind of diagram. No problem:
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