«pa:term»: Dealing with synonyms, alternative names, and identifiers

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Tagged values for the «pa:term» stereotype keyword have been used to capture overloaded naming.

A code-friendly "French-style" ([util{vin rouge}]) post-adjectival naming pattern has been used for the block Giant_big_friendly, which has tagged values acronym = "BFG" and realName = "The Big Friendly Giant". For the sake of demonstration here he's also been given id = "G01" because he's the first giant mentioned.

It seems that a Human is also known as aka = "human bean". The human Sophie has been given id = "H01", since she's the first human bean ... sorry, human ... mentioned.

If you want to customise «pa:term» for your organisation, simply extend and adapt it or replace it completely.

Note also how some of the elicited members such as the Operation befriends(humanBeanFriend:Human) have been marked as «pa:implied».

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