SysMLv1.x: Customizing the ElementGroup extensions for the Webel Parsing Analysis recipe (simplified)

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Full details on how to use Customizations in MagicDraw SysML Plugin and Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) are beyond the scope of this ElementGroup trail section, but we'll look quickly at the main tricks: Note also how «invisibleStereotype» has been applied to the verbose properties we wish to (by default) hide from the tagged values display on the comment symbol.

The Customizations also have hideMetatype set TRUE so that the custom Stereotypes will be treated as new Elements. Some 'possibleOwners' have been assigned. And a 'category' has been set so that «snippet» and «document» can be chosen as elements under the Create Element context menu item in the model browser under a category Parsing Analysis.


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