Webel Parsing Analysis: The absolute basics of the process (SysMLv1.x form)

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This is about SysML1.x only, for discussion of plans for SysMLv2 please visit:
There is now also a dedicated full tutorial trail:

The absolute basics of the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® process:

  • A customised Webel extension of the SysML ElementGroup called a Snippet (with keyword «snippet») is used to contain text quoted from a single domain 'source' document. Because the ElementGroup is based on a Comment the symbol for a «snippet» is a very text-friendly Comment!
  • One or more «snippet» elements acting as parsing containers are analysed in dedicated Parsing Analysis Diagrams (keyword «pa») separate from the rest of the model, always with the 'source' and 'member' tagged values showing on each «snippet», and typically with lots of handle/anchor dashed line paths to elicited model elements (so-called annotated elements). These Parsing Analysis Diagrams need not be tidy or shiny, they serve their purpose usually only once, and they are not intended for consumption by anybody but the modeller.
  • As new model elements are elicited they are moved into the main part of the model, and then shown on one more final presentation diagrams. Those final presentation diagrams may also show one or more «snippet» symbols with their commentary text (this is extremely powerful), typically with the 'source' tagged value showing, but almost never with the 'member' tagged value showing. A «snippet» may have lots of annotated elements (collected 'member'), but anchor/handle dashed lines are not always shown to every annotated element in a presentation diagram.

There is one short-coming of the SysML1.6 ElementGroup when used as a text parsing container, it is not relatable (although there is a way of achieving something similar using tagged values):

Don't forget to visit these fun tutorial trails to see it all in action:

List of Webel Parsing Analysis requirements

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