Screencast: MagicDraw SysML/Cameo analysis: Possible "gotchas" when extending the SysML Block stereotype

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Audience: Users of MagicDraw SysML or Cameo Systems Modeler who are experimenting with creating custom stereotypes that extend Block.

This screencast video has been created to demonstrate some issues that can arise if you "naively" create a custom stereotype that extends Block without: (1) closing then re-opening your project; (2) creating an appropriate MD Customization. It is not about any actual "bug" in MagicDraw/Cameo (as long as you follow the recommended procedure). If you watch it, please do watch it to the end to find how to handle such stereotypes properly.

Please note, this is not structured as a tutorial, it is an analysis screencast (but you can learn plenty from it). At 26 mins length it serves as an advanced follow-up reference for attendees of Webel IT training courses for MBSE with SysML.

It is assumed that you have read the referenced MagicDraw help pages on Stereotypes and about creating your own Domain Specific Language (DSL) Customizations.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not officially endorsed by the tool developers (No Magic/Dassault Systèmes).

© Copyright 2019 Darren R C Kelly (Webel IT Australia). All rights reserved.

MagicDraw helps pages quoted for educational purposes remain © Copyright No Magic Inc/Dassault Systèmes.

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