Webel Parsing Analysis: SysMLv1.x: Q: "Instead of using a Snippet extension of an ElementGroup, can't I just use a Requirement and Trace to achieve the same thing?" A: No! The ElementGroup extended as the Snippet is far more powerful and fit for purpose.

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The Snippet used in the  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® is far more flexible and powerful than just trying to use the text of a SysML Requirement and the SysML Trace relationship:
  • A Snippet is part of a powerful meta-analysis layer that typically comes before formal treatments of the Requirements (and helps elicit them).
  • Not every text extract from a domain source document is a Requirement.
  • Con: A Requirement element can't appear as narrative commentary in every kind of diagram!
  • Con: The text of Requirement element is not always the same as its name.

In fact, the Snippet can be - and often is - used in combination with Trace.

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