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Webel IT Australia is tracking every inch of the development SysMLv2 and developing the world's first complete guide to modelling in SysMLv2-friendly ways in SysML1.6/SysML1.7 to maximise your investment in SysML models.
You don't have to wait for SysMLv2 to do real work, there's heaps you can already do with SysMLv1.6/1.7!

Besides. SysMLv2 is only a major evolution of this world changing language. There are principles for modelling and organising projects that go way beyond a mere specification, and principles that go beyond tools. THAT is what we do best, the "art and science" of graphical engineering!

Some good starting points:

And remember: Learn SysML now! Future-proof yourself by learning about fundamental timeless modelling principles from Webel IT Australia!
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