BDD & PD: EvaporationCalculation

This diagram shows the block EvaporationCalculation with a supporting ConstraintBlock EvaporationCalculationConstraint:
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With that disclaimer in mind, it's time for some analysis anyway. The water needs to be first heated to boiling point and transformed from boiling liquid to gas. Let's handle that 2nd part first. We're going to need some more thermo: The value 2270 given for evaporationHeat seems fine compared with some other references if it's in (J/g): However, even of the "1mL water equals 1g" dirty trick is used: There seems to be a genuine error in the value 1.996 used:

It's interesting comparing the environmentTemperature 20 °C with the room temperature 30 °C used under Radiation. Presumably the water that is to be vaporised is initially at a distinct lower environment temperature.

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