Chain on a CallBehaviorAction for an Operation trigger of a Transition with an effect

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The block HasSTM has a StateMachine of the same name, a value property i:Integer=0, and an Operation setAndChain(i:Integer):HasSTM with a method-chaining return of itself.

The parameters of the Activity DoSet used as an 'effect' on each Transition with Operation trigger setAndChain(i:Integer):HasSTM will be matched against the Operation.

The Activity TestHasSTM can then conveniently chain via the result OutputPin of each CallBehaviorAction.

If you run it in Magic Model Analyst® (Cameo Simulation Toolkit®) you get this monitor output:

00:00:22,302 : **** Activity TestHasSTM execution is terminated. **** 
00:00:00,000 : **** Activity TestHasSTM is initialized. **** 
00:00:00,000 : **** Activity TestHasSTM is started! **** 
HasSTM@1a24915f { 		i = [2] } 
00:00:35,274 : **** Activity TestHasSTM execution is terminated. ****

ASIDE: There are in fact two identical versions of Activity DoSet here to avoid the need for "wrapper" Activities:

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