25: Effect Activities used by the acquisition case

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Before we inspect Activity IdentifyAcquireAttachPhysical in detail, it helps to inspect some of the 'effect' Activities used by the StateMachine Transitions shown in: 22: Mini StateMachines for @Entity, PotentialPhysicalAsset, ActualPhysicalAsset.

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The case of the 'effect' Activity DoManifest on the manifest() Transition to state Exists is interesting w.r.t. this Webel Best Practice policy: It represents in fact a «physical» PhysicalEntity becoming "real". At the time it reads itself the PhysicalEntity must still be in the state Phantom; by the end of the Activity in the real world it "exists" (and indeed now has mass), but the Boolean state flag isExists does not get set to 'true' until we hit the 'entry' Activity of the state Exists (which is a simple OpaqueExpression isExists=true).
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