BDD & PD: VaporGenerationPlantCalculation

This diagram shows the Block VaporGenerationPlantCalculation with a supporting ConstraintBlock VaporGenerationPlantCalculationConstraint:
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The energy available for heating the water - and then transforming the water into vapor (steam) - is the energy provided by the heater minus the energy lost due to radiative heat loss from the water:


We've see that the maximum power ratio is either 0.0 (fully off) or 1.0 (fully on).

The following is a critical strategy for making the dimensional analysis work across the entire system of "computation blocks":

The maxHeaterPower bound to maxPwr takes a value 400, and has been assigned a ValueType Power in joules per second (J/s), which is the same as watts (W).

Reality check: 400 W is only slightly larger than the consumption rating of a typical domestic "warm mist" humidifier appliance, and seems quite small if this is for a commercial humidifier servicing a large building. But it has a long time to act.


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