MagicDraw/Cameo: SysMLv1.x: ValueType naming: The ISO-80000 libraries use 'lower case' (sometimes with spaces for compound units and/or with [scaling] indicated in square brackets).

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If you use MagicDraw SysML Plugin or Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) you'll know that their ISO-80000 ModelLibrary uses verbose unit names with scaling factors like this:

  • cubic metre per pascal
  • kilowatt per kelvin
Where a non-SI scaling is used, the corresponding ValueType name then verbosely also includes the Unit name suffixed in [square brackets] like this:
  • thermal conductance[kilowatt per kelvin]

This can quickly make some BDDs and IBDs quite cluttered.

If you are going to create custom ValueTypes with custom Units anyway, you may prefer to create your own set of Units rather than using the MagicDraw/Cameo ISO-80000 ones, if you prefer consistency over convenience.

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