SysML ValueType and QUDV overview

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The properties compartment has a Property umlAttribute with a type DataType. While this is permitted in SysML, you should usually avoid such Properties on Blocks: Both value properties intValue:Integer and realValue:Real use the SysML primitive variants, which then appear as intend in the SysML values compartment.

The value property customValue has a type ValueType, which is a custom ValueType with a custom Unit. Consistent with Webel Best Practice:

While a ValueType can have a unit, it need not always, so it can be used for unitless quantities as for the value property unitlessValue with custom ValueType UnitlessType.

You can also reuse a ValueType and/or Unit from the ISO-80000 ModelLibrary, as shown for the value property s:mass[gram]. Note that:

A Unit has an optional symbol, which can optionally be displayed in the tool in most places where a value property label or symbol can be displayed. Here the value property totalCost has a custom ValueType Cost with a custom unit USD with symbol '$".

Both ValueType and Unit can carry an optional QuantityKind; we'll look at that later in a dedicated advanced tutorial trail section. But first, let's see next how value properties work, and how to use values in a system.

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