TIP: Webel: SysML/UML: On the boundary of symbols for ConstraintParameters on a ConstraintProperty (ConstraintBlock usage) symbol in Parametric Diagrams use any placement or "ordering" of ConstraintParameter symbols that works for the diagram!

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Parametric Diagrams are 2-dimensional, and the placement (or "ordering") of ConstraintParameter symbols on the boundaries of symbols for ConstraintProperties - or on the framed boundary of a ConstraintBlock context itself - need not be bound in any way by the ordering of the constraint parameters on a related ConstraintBlock. They are completely different ways of thinking!

In MagicDraw SysML Plugin and Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) you can order ConstraintParameters on a ConstraintBlock using the specification dialog or on a Block Definition Diagram (BDD); such a 1-dimensional ordering need not have any bearing at all on how you organise the representation of those ConstraintParameters as symbols in a 2-dimensional SysML Parametric Diagram. None at all.

Dr Darren says:

Take advantage of 2-dimensional SysML diagrams to represent networks and flows as best fits the modelling purpose.

For an example, visit:

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