CED Engineering course PDF: 'Air Conditioning Psychrometrics (A.Bhatia)'

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that only selected example questions and their published answers have been quoted from this CED Engineering online course here as Webel "Snippet" pages for educational purposes and only for demonstrating the use of Mathematica and CoolProp for psychrometrics in this Webel tutorial trail. Only results tables and plots for these example problems are available on this Webel IT Australia site, the worked solutions are NOT reproduced or provided here on this site!

Students of psychrometrics should examine the 'Air Conditioning Psychrometrics PDF' from CED Engineering in full, attempt to solve the example problems, and consider attending their course.

To see applications of Mathematica to psychrometrics, and to learn about the Webel Psy library for Mathematica+CoolProp, please visit this Webel tutorial trail:

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