SysPhS: MagicDraw/Cameo v19SP3: Export to Modelica does not interpret as 'start' the default on a PhSVariable assigned via ElementValue to a PhSConstant

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It's not clear whether this is a bug, but it would be nice to be able to do what is shown in the diagram, which attempts to reproduce via SysPhS a classic Lotka-Volterra System from Modelica University, which has:

model ClassicModel "This is the typical equation-oriented model"
  parameter Real alpha=0.1 "Reproduction rate of prey";
  parameter Real beta=0.02 "Mortality rate of predator per prey";
  parameter Real gamma=0.4 "Mortality rate of predator";
  parameter Real delta=0.02 "Reproduction rate of predator per prey";
  parameter Real x0=10 "Start value of prey population";
  parameter Real y0=10 "Start value of predator population";
  Real x(start=x0) "Prey population";
  Real y(start=y0) "Predator population";
  der(x) = x*(alpha-beta*y);
  der(y) = y*(delta*x-gamma);
end ClassicModel;

Note how the 'start' for x is set via a parameter x0.

In the attached SysPhS attempt x0 is assigned via the MagicDraw-specific ElementValue as the default for x, but the export to Modelica does not see it:

model ClassicModel
  parameter Real alpha(start=0.1,fixed=true);
  parameter Real beta(start=0.02,fixed=true);
  parameter Real gamma(start=0.4,fixed=true);
  parameter Real delta(start=0.02,fixed=true);
  parameter Real x0(start=10.0,fixed=true);
  parameter Real y0(start=10.0,fixed=true);
  Real x;
  Real y;
end ClassicModel;
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