REFERENCE: A.5 Humidifier: Webel: Block overview

The diagram shows all main Blocks used in the Webel IT version of the Humidifier example, including ValueTypes and Units as gleaned using dimensional analysis. It does not include the redefining "scenario" Blocks that carry the startup values for each of these main Blocks, we'll so those later .

Please don't be over-whelmed, we are going to work through this all block-by-block during the rest of the trail:

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Across the top you'll see a block HumidifierSystem, stretched right across the diagram using this sometimes-handy diagramming tip: You might be tempted to make it a non-normative «system» block, however: Right at the top you'll also see a block HumidifierSystem_S1 that extends HumidifierSystem. The following Webel tip has been used: That's the block to export to Modelica to run the system. We'll see the entire hierarchy later , but for now just note that there is a «scenario» block suffixed with _S1 for each block in the HumidifierSystem that requires "initial values" values for execution. Please keep this in mind:
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