Figure 65: Internal structure of the total humidifier system - black box vs details

The trail version here shows a composite image, the top Internal Block Diagram (IBD) is a black-box view much like the spec figure, the bottom one shows the Port types and exposes some internals via the :parts compartments:
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As indicated here using SysML ItemFlows, the measure of humidity HumidityPct is in fact a percentage.

The measure of the vapor (using US spelling) amount VaporRate_mL_per_h is in fact a rate in millilitre per hour, as hinted by the names of some of the conversion factors:

We'll explore those blocks in more detail later.

There are some major problems with both the SysML-1.1 spec and the MagicDraw/Cameo sample implementations w.r.t. SysML-1.6:

For most (but not all) Ports in this trail version the type is either RealSignalInElement or an explicitly conjugated SysML-1.6 friendly custom type ~RealSignalInElement, noting that:

Unfortunately, the otherwise robust HACK for the SysML-1.6 «~interfaceBlock» promoted often on this Webel IT site does not play nicely with export to Modelica: Therefore, a plain InterfaceBlock is used for the explicitly conjugated type ~RealSignalInElement (one might just as well have used the SysPhS RealSignalOutElement).

This trail systematically employs this Webel Best Practice:

Before drilling down, we're going to look at the explicit Units and ValueType names used across the entire system in this highly elaborated trail version of the example, and then we'll inspect quickly also an overview of all Blocks in the entire system, which diagrams will serve as references you can return to at any stage.

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