Overview of all diagrams after moving elicited model elements out of the '0-source' zone

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Let's start with the left column of the composite image. There is a top-level index Package Diagram. All elicited model elements are now within a Model or Package (it does not matter which one you use) under that top-level.

There is a top-level Model common with some shared elements; since we are not going to model Instrument in detail yet it lives there for now.

The ValueType elements have been collected in value. Since Detector, Lens and Mirror are important for our domain they get dedicated Model packages, and em collects elements to do with electromagnetism.

The telescope Model package already has a sub-model optical, and they have initial Package Diagrams.

In the right column of the composite image we see everything to do with the «document» sources that supply text extracts for «snippet» ElementGroups, and the «pa» Parsing Analysis diagrams.

Think of the entire project being driven by the «snippet» sources; model elements are elicited in that source zone then flow out (are moved out) of the source zone into the main project area.

It helps in Package Diagrams and BDDs to use the display option to show the owner of each main element in the symbol header to check that each elicited element now has somewhere to live (i.e. that it has not inadvertently been left in the source zone).

Don't fuss too much about the initial packaging! In the Webel approach, we prefer "logical" over "physical" modelling and can keep the ownership loose, especially early on in a project.

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