Values - LuxuryPhoneConfig - IBD

In this IBD, the initialValues compartments reveal that in the context of the block LuxurySmartPhone the sensors for the front and back cameras have the Context-Specific Values 14.0 MP and 24.0 MP respectively for pixels:
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The upper IBD shows how one might present the result to stakeholders; the notation can be easily read by non-SysMLers (except for the unfortunate naming of the initialValues compartment).

For the brave, the lower IBD shows an advanced "under-the-hood" view with the initialValues also for the parts at each level, so that we can see that, in fact, from the point of view of each Block, parts too may have Context-Specific Values (which is very useful for some systems configuration problems).

Please note again that in the tool: Finally, let's look next at how the entire 3 layers of "deep" re-configuration fit together.
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