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Dr Darren of Webel is a long-term user and huge fan of this technology!

It isn't JavaServer Faces VS JavaScript, it's JavaServer Faces PLUS JavaScript!

JavaScript addict says: "I know nothing about  JavaServer Faces (JSF) or software architecture but I just know that my latest, greatest, client-side JavaScript framework is better ..."

 JavaServer Faces (JSF) writes JavaScript (and HTML) for you! It employs a powerful and robust server-side "backing bean layer" in combination with a very elegant XML-based XHTML Facelets interface component composition and templating system that bridges cleanly to the client side. It integrates beautifully with enterprise technologies such as Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). And PrimeFaces even has integrations with popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React!

To see  JavaServer Faces (JSF) in action using the wonderful PrimeFaces toolkit please view the videos under the GreenDesk® web application project.
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