Video: Getting Started with the GreenDesk for Green Star Design & As Built TRIAL for selected Materials credits

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GreenSoft Pty Ltd is offering a limited-time-only TRIAL of GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built offering access to selected Materials-related GreenDesk credit worksheets for concrete, cement, steel, timber, and PVC-related materials.

This video gives a brief introduction to what to expect from the Materials TRIAL, and how to get started using the pre-built demo projects, and how to create your own trial projects.

Not all features are available under TRIAL mode, but you can complete many materials credit worksheets and prepare Credit Submission Forms for submission to the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) as exported PDFs (subject to pre-approval from the GBCA).

Please register here for a FREE TRIAL of GreenDesk® for Green Star® Design & As Built (subject to approval).
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