Example 10: Condition and dehumidify air by chilling and condensing some moisture: Process table

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The answers (where available) from the worked example problem are given in the 3rd column in the custom table in the top of the image in IP units.

When handled by the MPsy class, we have 2 objects representing the before (State 1) and after (State 3) states, as well as an object representing the intermediate "State 1" when modelled as a 2-step process. (The state names have been aligned here with the worked solution from the course PDF.)

The 2nd table shows the differences between State 1 (initial) and State 3 (final), as well as indicating the change in each main psychrometric variable, and the "direction" of change.

There is a dedicated Psy library function for calculating and displaying the dry bulb temperature 'tdb', relative humidity 'r', and humidity ratio 'w'.

The question as stated has "competition" between the target relative humidity 'r' and the target humidity ratio 'w', in the MPsy solution the target is taken as 'w = 0.008'. There is a slight difference in the relative humidity at State 3 vs the Answer as calculated by CoolProp.

The psychrometric chart function shows all three states, as well as an arrow indicating the change between State 1 (initial) and State 3 (final), and dashed arrows indicating the process represented as a 2-step process via intermediate State 1.

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