Cameo Simulation Toolkit: v19SP3: GOTCHA/BUG: When a Property is typed by an abstract Block an instance of a concrete specialising Block (where available) will automatically be created and assigned even when the lower multiplicity is 0

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This issue is best understood by watching the dedicated analysis video:

The quick summary is that in the example shown, when the block Tester (which does not have any Behaviors) is run in Magic Model Analyst® (Cameo Simulation Toolkit®), the Property foo:Foo[0..1] within Tester and the property bar:Bar[0..1] within Foo are populated with concrete instances (it uses a FooA and BarA), even though the lower multiplicity is 0.

If the blocks Foo and Bar are NOT abstract this does not happen (the simulation as expected does NOT wrongly populated foo (or bar).

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