MagicDraw/Cameo v19SP3+SysPhS-1.1: Does not cleanly export INLINE Modelica 'if/then/else' statements (a.k.a. "switching" form)

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MagicDraw/Cameo could not handle export of the following guard expressions from the Modelica by Example Decay2 example:

der(x) = if x>=0 then -sqrt(x) else 0;
The export result was:


It turns out, however, that MagicDraw/Cameo can export the following fine (just not the inline form):

if x>=0 then
end if;

The OpenModelica docs use the following terminology:

If clause:

parameter Boolean linear=true;
    parameter Boolean quadratic=false;
    Real x, y;
    if linear then
      y = x + 1;
    elseif quadratic then
      y = x^2 + x + 1;
      y = Modelica.Math.sin(x) + 1;
    end if;
If expression:

Integer i;
  Integer sign_of_i=if i<0 then -1 else if i==0 then 0 else 1;

The SysPhS-1.1 spec seems to refer to these forms as if-equation and if-statement (see p.9 under 8 Language for Mathematical Expressions):
The SysPhS expression grammar includes a subset of Modelica’s grammar, as follows:
  • All terminal symbols
  • The following non-terminal symbols: equation, statement, if-equation, if-statement, for-statement, for-indices, for-index, while-statement, expression, simple-expression, logical-expression, logical-term, logical-factor, relation, relational-operator, arithmetic-expression, add-operator, term, mul-operator, factor, primary, name, component-reference, function-call-args, function-arguments, function-arguments-non- first, named-arguments, named-argument, function-argument, output-expression-list, expression-list, array-subscripts, subscript
This page contains content quoted, copied, or adapted, from the following Object Management Group specification for educational purposes: SysPhS-1.1. The OMG retains the original © copyright.
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