BDD: Figure 50: Signal processing system blocks, ports, & component properties

An expanded version of the spec's Block Definition Diagram (BDD) Figure 50: Signal processing system blocks, ports, & component properties:
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Some minor diagramming differences compared with the spec figure version:

- SysML Ports are used (instead of Association ends with composite aggregation and a user-defined «port» keyword).

- The context block SignalProcessor is shown.

- The block TwoPinSignalComponent has been set abstract.

- There's an intermediate abstraction SimplePassFilter.

This expert tool tip is used again:

It's done again here so one can see the InstanceSpecifications that act as initial value carriers assigned as the defaultValue of each of their respective corresponding properties within the context SignalProcessor, so the values their Slots carry will appear as initial values in the context SignalProcessor (as we'll see next in the IBD).

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