The neutron is classified as a hadron, because it is a composite particle made of quarks.

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It turns out the neutron has some sort of size:

However, it has been decided not to put this data into the SysML model yet, because the Wikipedia page on Proton gives the mean charge radius, which can't be directly compared with the mean square radius. For now it suffices to introduce an indication isFiniteRadius for any Particle, which has been redefined in CompositeParticle to be 'true'.

We are told that:

So the «undergoes» Dependency to Electromagnetism is qualified for now by naming it 'magnetism only'.

To match the Wikipedia units, a custom ValueType MagneticMoment has been created with custom Unit joule per tesla and symbol 'J/T'. (The tool's ISO-80000 has a ValueType magnetic area moment in equivalent ampere square metre units.)

Earlier in the trail a placeholder value property lifetime:ParticleLifetime was identified; this has now been renamed to meanFreeLifetime:ParticleLifetime to better correspond with:

And it turns out after all that only free protons are definitely stable:

Some information about BetaDecay has been collected, but it's not the current focus.

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