Webel: MagicDraw/Cameo: First recommended display style settings and project option steps for every SysML (and UML) project. [Includes TIP: DO NOT show the Diagram Name in the optional Diagram Info adornment, show it on the Diagram frame only]

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Under: Options → Project → Diagram Info:
  • DISABLE: 'Diagram Name' (rely instead on the named Diagram frame)
  • ENABLE: 'Last Modified by' (may be different from creation 'Author')
Under: Options → Project → Symbol styles → Diagram:
  • ENABLE: 'Show Diagram Info' for improved teamwork tracking and records.
  • DISABLE: 'Use Gradient Fill', '3D Shadow', 'Show Grid' for clearer diagrams and better printing; a hidden grid usually remains active behind the scenes.
    • Even when using a data projector 'Use Gradient Fill' can be less clear.
    • '3D Shadow' can be nice for pretty presentations, but steals some space.

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