Values - SmartPhone with 2 PhoneCameras - BDD

The following shows a block SmartPhone that will have front and back cameras, each with a sensor with a different number of pixels. The block PhoneCamera shown is basically the same as the CustomCamera we saw in the previous slide but has been renamed so we can start a new, more complex, configuration sequence:
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As before for the CustomCamera, the PhoneCamera has its own re-configuration of the sensor (an instance phoneCameraSensor:Sensor with 10 MP). But the smart phone designer has decided this is not powerful enough, so we are going to override that completely by assigning instance trees as defaults on the higher level cameraFront:Camera and cameraBack:Camera part properties within SmartCamera.

The instance trees smartPhone.cameraBack:PhoneCamera and smartPhone.cameraFront:PhoneCamera ultimately carry values for pixels of 15.0 MP and 12.0 MP respectively. We'll see next how these Context-Specific Values can be displayed in an IBD.

Please don't be concerned about the complexity of the InstanceSpecifications shown! Later in the trail we'll see how the tool manages all of this for us nicely direct via the initialValues compartment in the IBD
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