Allocation matrix in the MagicDraw/Cameo tool

This slide shows a Dependency Matrix Diagram for the Allocate relationship in the MagicDraw SysML Plugin or Magic Cyber-Systems Engineer ® (Cameo Systems Modeler®) tools, available under the diagram menus as a SysML Allocation Matrix. This diagram type serves as a starting point only, you usually have to tune the scope and type filters.

The matrix is for part of the Hybrid SUV sample problem. The relevant allocations are indicated in these two diagrams:

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The Row Scope is set to package 'HSUV Behavior' and the Column Scope is set to package 'HSUV Structure'. The Row Element Type is set to 'CallBehaviorAction, Continuous, ObjectFlow' and the Column Element Type is set to 'Connector, ItemFlow, Part Property', but could just as well have been left open if using the following mode:

The Show Elements filter is set to 'With relations'
There's actually a bit of a sneaky trick in the Row Element Type choices as a workaround for this tool issue:

If you look at the elided pins version of Figure D.38 you'll see that the tool has incorrectly used a CentralBufferNode for driveCurrent, but driveCurrent is caught in the table here anyway because it is stereotyped as «continuous». It has been allocated to an ItemFlow i1 (see Figure D.39) using this nice tool feature:

The «continuous» ObjectFlow o6 is from the explicit pins version of Figure D.38 and has been allocated to a Connector epc-emg (see Figure D.39) using the same feature.

You can in fact edit your allocation assignments directly in the interactive matrix!

Note, however, that if you have the Show Elements filter set to 'With relations' you won't be able see all candidate cells.

You can also show such allocations in query tables, as shown next .
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