Video: Macro photography: Freshest Buds, Blossoms, Blooms

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Gorgeous high resolution macro photography of emergent buds, blooms, and blossoms. Be sure to set playback mode to 4K streaming!

© Copyright 2022 PLAYlogo (Darren R C Kelly). Webel IT Australia. All rights reserved.
Order super high resolution quality mounted and framed macro nature photography prints online here on the Webel IT Australia photo channel.
You are permitted to project/display this video at charity events and non-commercial private events on the condition that: (1) the source artist (PLAYlogo) is acknowledged in full; (2) no attempt is made to digitally or otherwise capture the video; (3) the video is not mixed into other video resources by VJs.
If you are a DJ or VJ and wish to use this video at a commercial event please do contact us first via this email form.
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