Association vs Connector - detailed

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In UML terminology, a Connector can act as a kind of link between Properties (which are ConnectableElements) acting as roles in a context .

The specific Connectors printerConnector and cameraConnector are each typed by the same Association USB_Cable, which represents communication between any compatible instances of the USB_Device and USB_Host blocks. The Properties :USB_Printer and :USB_Camera are compatible with USB_Device and the Property :USB_Laptop is compatible with USB_Host.

Note that having more than one Connector of the same Association type is admissable here, because of the multiplicity [0..*] on the property device:USB_Device.

A word on naming

Because the instances of USB_Printer, USB_Camera, and USB_Laptop are unique within the context block ConnectedUsbSystem there is no need to name the corresponding properties owned by that context block, so they remain anonymous consistent with Webel Best Practice.
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