Webel Parsing Analysis: It is not intended that you "parse and analyse" every sentence from every domain source document and map every word to your SysML model. The process adds incremental benefit; the more you use the WPA recipe, the better!

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The  Webel Parsing Analysis recipe for SysML® recipe adds value progressively and incrementally. The more it is used, the more correspondence between a SysML model and external resources describing a system can be achieved. It is usually neither practical nor necessary to process every single sentence of every single available domain source document.

The recipe works best with high quality domain source documents with little repetition and a high semantic “signal-to-noise” ratio.

Typically, a domain source document contains key paragraphs that initially yield many elicited model elements. As one progresses through further paragraphs, the number of newly elicited model elements per Snippet reduces, a sign that the process is converging to a robust, consistent SysML model.

For example, sentences from a paragraph describing the transformation of signals along the signal path of a radio-telescope may map well to elements that are eventually represented in an IBD with parts connected via ports with signal flows.

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