04: Composite DigitalTwin

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A «twin» DigitalTwin can be a composite that owns child DigitalTwins. The «digital» @Entity of the parent is then effectively also a composite of the «digital» @Entity of each of the child twins (and thus the «physical» PhysicalEntity of the parent is likewise mapped - virtually encapsulated - as a composite of the «physical» PhysicalEntity from each of the child twins). This enables recursive twinning of complex structures.

A «twin» DigitalTwin can also reference (leverage) other DigitalTwins to create arbitrarily complex "logical" systems (of systems) of twins. However, note again that in the Webel Twin Pattern for SysML things always ultimately percolate down to involve a «physical» PhysicalEntity somewhere:

In this trail, only the case of a single «twin» DigitalTwin managing a single «digital» @Entity and «physical» PhysicalEntity is explored in detail.

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