12: Overview of 'pipe' package

The blocks supporting a «twin» PipeDigitalTwin compared with the base Webel Twin Pattern for SysML:
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ASIDE: This diagram is more complex than usually recommend for a Package Diagram.
Typically, one is interested in the side-effect of changing some parameters of a system, not must those parameters. By tilting the «physical» Pipe the measurable flow rate (of say water through it) can be changed.

Note how there is a redefined Property digitalVariant:@Pipe. This enables, for example, the PipeFlowControlSystem to explore the impact of changes of the angles on the flow rate, which can then be used to drive the «physical» Pipe into a new orientation (which will typically be very close to, but not exactly the same as, the aim values). The actual orientation is then measured using the sensors and the main digitalPipe:@Pipe mapper is updated.

There are also some identified processes «process» CleanPipe and «process» TiltPipe (these are placeholders only and not explored further in this trail).

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