00: ‘This is Not a Pipe’ (‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe’)

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Let's not get mixed up about what is real, and what is not, with all this digital twinning stuff going on. From ‘The Treachery of Images’ (‘La Trahison des images’) by René Magritte 1929, also known as ‘This is Not a Pipe’ (‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe’):
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In this trail, we'll actually be using as the primary example a (much healthier) Pipe from building and construction.

A real, actual pipe has mass. It has mass! Hard to confuse something that is heavy with a digital representation of it, isn't it! In this SysML model, that is called a PhysicalEntity and is a special target of digital twinning.

You will be using this test over and over, and we have a special icon for it, which is a classic atom-like icon, to remind us that it is subject to the laws of physics. In reality.

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