An abstract Q(u)ark for M(u)ster M(u)ark

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Notice how much reuse we are now getting! All that hard work with earlier snippets is really starting to pay off.

However, once you've worked through quite a few snippets you'll start getting some features displaying on blocks that are not relevant to a particular Parsing Analysis diagram. The following tool power tip is easy to use:

This constraint can't be easily expressed in OCL, so for now a text description is fine:

When we get to the concrete Quark sub-blocks they will get charge values anyway.

Until now the model only had an interaction "flag" value property isInteractsStrong:Boolean, the flags corresponding to the other interaction forces have now also been added: isInteractsWeak, isInteractsGravitation, and isInteractsEM, and all redefined as 'true' for Quark. For now these all live in ElementaryParticle, not in Particle, because they have so far only been mentioned in the context of elementary particles.

Clearly, any Particle with mass is subject to gravity, so isInteractsGravitation probably needs to be promoted up. But does it makes sense to talk about an Atom (a composite particle) interacting with the strong force? Let's wait until a relevant snippet's text extract clarifies it.

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