Updated lepton Package Diagram

The Package Diagram for 'lepton' is updated with the charged lepton antiparticles:
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Both Muon and Tau now also have antiparticles that are «antimatter», and they now also share common aspects via intermediate abstract blocks AbstractMuon and AbstractTau respectively.

Note that only the names of the Associations Anti have been shown, the Property ends and «antiparticle» Dependencies exist in the model but are not displayed, because this is a package diagram and we don't want too much information here yet; they can be represented more verbosely in related BDDs such as for ChargedLepton or the concrete Electron etc.

Recall that this aspect has not yet been resolved:

So there are no intermediate abstractions for the various concrete neutrinos yet, they don't have any declared antiparticles yet, and they aren't indicated as «matter» or «antimatter».
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