Functional allocation of an Activity (definition level) in a BDD with callouts

Before looking at making functional allocations in an Activity Diagram, we start with some of the kinds of allocations one can make directly in a BDD using the Allocate relationship, noting that in SysML one can show Activities directly in BDDs as rectangles with the keyword «activity» applied.
Not all of these kinds of possible (allowed) allocations shown here are recommended!
This diagram here happens to show the computed 'allocatedFrom' and 'allocatedTo' information using "callouts" into Notes, but one can also show this information on symbol compartments:
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The allocation from the Activity AllocateMeToBlock to Block DoesIt is at pure definition level, and is one recommended higher level form of functional (behavioral) allocation.

The "mixed" allocation from the Activity AllocateMeToPart (at definition level) to part Property part:Inner (at usage level) is definitely NOT recommend here:

Some useful tool tips:

Blocks are ultimately used in a context as part Properties (or other kinds of block Properties), and Activities are used in a context as Actions (typically via CallBehaviorActions), as we examine next .

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