Figure D.41 - Special Case of Internal Block Diagram Showing Reference to Specific Properties (serial numbers)

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They are shown and consistently named here in this trail version. The connector names emg-trsm and ice-trsm are shown consistently named here in this trail version.
Dr Darren says:
Please do not be discouraged by all of these errors reported in the spec sample version! Context-specific values are a very useful capability of SysML - an important extension over UML - and a language feature that you are likely to use often during your practical systems engineering, with good tool support

In the tool, you can simply edit these values directly in the IBD by using the context menu item Tools > Define Context Specific Initial Value. Once activated you can edit the values directly like Slot values.

See the next slide for an illustration of the instance tree that carries the values behind the scene in the tool.
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